What Can You Do...

...With A Degree In English?

English courses require you to investigate complex questions that have no simple answers, and to analyze problems from many different points of view. If you do well in your English major coursework, you’ll be developing skills in writing, research, and critical thinking that are sought by almost any employer. That’s why English majors pursue a variety of successful paths after graduation:

    •    Graduate school in literature, composition, creative writing, education
    •    Graduate or professional school in law, information science, business, and more
    •    Professional writing--journalism, technical writing, speechwriting, editing
    •    Teaching at all levels, from elementary school to college
    •    Researching and grant-writing for government agencies, nonprofits, corporations

To research some of your career options, we encourage you to pursue one or more internships before graduating. You may be able to earn academic credit for an internship in our English 495 course; to learn more, contact our internship coordinator, Catherine Holmes.