Study Abroad Opportunities

Spring 2021

Florence, Italy 

February to April, 2021 final dates TBD

Spend the semester learning about the Slow Food Movement and sustainability in the spectacular and vibrant city of Florence, located in the heart of Tuscany, Italy! Participants will choose 12-16 credit hours from Communication and English/Film Studies courses. During the semester you will get to visit Slow Food producers in and around Florence and sample artisanal chocolate, gelato, cheese and other products. A highlight of the trip will be a 3 night excursion where we will leave Tuscany and explore the food and culture of another region of Italy. For students interested in Communication, English/ Film Studies, and/or Sustainability, this program offers a unique study abroad opportunity in the birthplaces of the Renaissance and the Slow Food movement. For more information, contact Dr. Celeste LaCroix or Dr. Colleen Glenn or go to

FYE Italy

March 7- 13, 2021

Visit Italy and experience the culture through its world- renowned cuisine. We'll explore- and write about- the food in Tuscany and Umbria, "the green heart of Italy," from farm to table. We'll take cooking classes from a world-renowned chef, meet the most famous butcher in the world, dine on legendary dishes with histories reaching back millennia, even help make pecorino- sheep's cheese- on a cheesemaker's farm, enjoying all the while the best food in the world.

Summer 2021 Opportunities

CofC in Spoleto, Italy

May 12 - June 9, 2021

Join us in Spoleto, Italy for our month-long program in travel writing and American literature. We’ll stay in a 15th-century villa overlooking the Italian countryside, explore Spoleto, travel throughout the country, and enjoy the culinary pleasures of Italy through private tastings and cooking classes. The program fee includes everything from round trip airfare to our stay in the villa, from a long weekend in Florence to cooking classes, from tours of area wineries to day hikes in the Umbrian hills, rail passes for weekend travel (a must while in Italy!), and so much more. The two courses offered will offer you six (6) CofC credits and the experience of a lifetime.

CofC in Ireland

June 2 - 29, 2021

The program will be based in the heart of Dublin’s old city. We’ll be neighbors to Dublin Castle and the world famous Guinness Brewery. Students will take several guided tours in and around Dublin and one extended field trip to the beautiful West of Ireland. From breath-taking sea-cliffs to snug pubs to fantastic museums, you’ll experience it all. Six credits towards English majors and minors. For more information, go to our website or contact Dr. Joe Kelly or Dr. John Bruns.

London and Edinburgh

June 2021

One solid month abroad . . . multiple day trips . . . opportunities to explore Europe independently . . . 6 credits toward the English major or minor. In British Gothic Literature, we will discuss how writers use Gothic monsters to express fears, anxieties, and misgivings about gender & sexuality, nation & empire, race & class. We will read works by Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, R. L. Stevenson, Oscar Wilde, and Arthur Conan Doyle. We will explore the gloomy moors and dark city streets where they set their stories. We will visit art museums, attend the theater, stroll through urban graveyards, and walk down village lanes.

Fall 2021

Trujillo, Spain

September – December, 2021 final dates TBD

Come spend the Fall of 2021 in the charming, walled, medieval city of Trujillo, Spain.  In Trujillo, you can earn up to 9 hours of upper-division English credit with CofC professors, all the while studying Spanish and living with local families for a true cultural immersion experience.  The program cost includes meals and lodging, airfare, weekly day trips to surrounding cities, a 5-day overnight field trip to the south of Spain.  You’ll have a ten-day break in the middle of the semester for your own travel.  For more information, please visit our website.


English Majors have studied abroad in many different countries including:

UK Havanna, Cuba Dublin, Ireland
Greece Italy Santiago, Chile
India Thailand Tangier, Morocco
Russia France Japan, Various Cities
Spain  New Zealand Bocas del Toro, Panama
Australia Belize Poland and Germany
Netherlands Ghana Cambodia and Vietnam