Independent Study, Bachelor's Essays, and Undergraduate Research

Independent Studies and Bachelor's Essays

The Department of English offers opportunities for students to work one-on-one with faculty through English 404: Independent Study and English 499: Bachelor's Essay

To propose a Bachelor's Essay or independent study, a student must:

  • Have completed 60 hours and ENGL 299
  • Not have exceeded 9 hours of independent study (including tutorials, Bachelor's Essays, and independent studies)
  • Submit a typed proposal to the English Department by the end of week 12 of the semester prior to the semester of study.

Students interested in pursuing these academic experiences should follow the Bachelor's Essay and Independent Study Proposal Procedures and make arrangements with individual faculty well prior to the beginning of the semester. Those interested in writing a bachelor's essay should make arrangements with the directing faculty in the year prior to the year in which the bachelor's essay is to be written.

Undergraduate Research

The College of Charleston, through its Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program (URCA), supports collaborative research projects between students and faculty members.  Working on a research project can give students experience in the kind of real scholarly activity that goes on in the academic world as well as provide excellent training for future graduate study and for professional careers. 

URCA offers competitive grants that fund collaborative research projects, provide summer stipends to students working on such projects, and support student travel to conferences to present their research findings.

To find out more about URCA grants, including suggestions for how to develop and conduct a project, visit the College’s URCA website.

Click here to read about recent URCA projects undertaken by students and faculty members in the English Department.