2019-2020 Award Winners

Humanities and Social Sciences Scholars

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences honors graduating seniors who have distinguished themselves by amassing an impressive body of work during their undergraduate careers. Typically, recipients of HSS Scholar awards are students who, in addition to excelling in regular courses, undertake one or more substantial research projects (such as a Bachelor’s Essay or a project done in an Independent Study course).  The HSS Scholar is the highest award offered by the English Department.

The following two English students are recipients of this award as voted on by the English department:

English Department Outstanding Students

This award recognizes outstanding English majors. The recipients of this award are voted on by the English department faculty.

  • Ivy Chace
  • Marin Grant
  • Caroline Greenblatt
  • Kaitlyn Leggett
  • Alison Mader
  • Ayla White
  • Raegan Whiteside

Department Honors

Designed for mature individuals who are capable of sustained and independent work, the program of departmental honors is designed to give advanced students of exceptional ability an opportunity to explore intensively a field of their particular interest. Students take the initiative in outlining their proposed research, experiment, or special study; in enlisting the support of a faculty advisor; and in securing the approval of the department. At the conclusion of the program, departmental honors may be awarded only with the approval of the department. To be eligible, students must have earned a grade point average in the major of at least 3.500 and completed a bachelor’s essay, or two independent studies with disciplinary expectations comparable to those of a bachelor’s essay. If a department permits two independent studies in place of a bachelor’s essay, those independent studies, like a successful bachelor’s essay, should develop the student’s proficiency in research as understood by the discipline, and the finished composition(s) should be distinguished by their organization, reasoning, and expression. The department may also prescribe additional requirements for ensuring the quality of the work.

  • Tanner Crunelle

Anna B. Katona Award in American Literature

This award is named for Dr. Anna B. Katona, a longtime professor of English at the College of Charleston (1975-1999). Dr. Katona provided funds for a grant to the College that annual recognizes the graduating English major with the highest grade point average in American Literature courses.

  • Ayla White

Transfer Student Award

  • Erica Appleton

Sarah Margaret Goad Memorial Prizes in Poetry:

The external judge was Adam Clay

Sarah Margaret Goad Memorial Prizes in Fiction:

The external judge was Marian Crotty

First-Year Writing Awards

In 2008 the department established this annual award to encourage and recognize excellent writing and critical thinking. All students enrolled in English 110, Honors 110, or English 215 are eligible to submit papers for the award. The winning papers are chosen by the First-Year Writing Committee in the Department of English based on excellence of writing and the reflection of First-Year Writing curricular goals.

2019-2020 Award Winners

 Outstanding First-Year Essay Awards:

·       "How Some Chick in Debate Club Turned Me into a Tree Hugger" by Kayla Humphries

·       "Iraqi Refugees and The Rhetorical Situation" by Taylor McElwain 

·       "What Does it Mean to Be Literate" by Patrick Seyfried

·       "The Right Moment" by Savannah Tew

Outstanding First-Year Multimodal Writing Awards:

·        "Addressing the Future of the Human Race Through Art" by Jody Bell

·       "Safety Glasses On: Genre Remediation of Bill Nye's Rant" by Hannah Giblin

·       "Genre Remix for Brain Issues" by Justin Le

Lancelot Minor Harris Scholarship

The Lancelot Minor Harris Scholarship is an award that supports incoming, first-year, or second-year students from traditionally under-represented populations (such as first-generation, African-American, Hispanic, and financially disadvantaged students), who show significant academic potential and intend to major in English.

  • Adam Dorsheimer

Marilyn Shiely Coste Memorial Scholarship

The Marilyn Shiely Coste Memorial Scholarship is an award that supports students who have been innovative and strategic in the way they have combined their major with extracurricular opportunities, such as sustained involvement in community literacy outreach programs, professional internships, sustained work as a tutor, or achievement as a published writer.

  • Reese Walker

Marjorie Elizabeth Peale Memorial Scholarship

The Marjorie Elizabeth Peale Memorial Scholarship is an award that supports students at the freshman or sophomore level who show promise of academic excellence in the study of English.

  • Kathy Nguyen

English Alumni Award: Study Abroad

The English Alumni Award for Study Abroad supports students who will enroll in an approved summer or fall study abroad program.

  • Gabi Loue

English Alumni Award

The English Alumni Award supports students who show promise of academic excellence in the study of English.

  • Kaitlyn Leggett