Internships & Job Opportunities


The responsibility of finding an internship is the priority of the student, however, the department and the College are prepared to help with your search.


  • Apply what you have learned
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Improve professional and social skills
  • Bolstering self-esteem and resume


  • Contact your advisor
  • Search Handshake for internships
  • Check your CofC email!  
    • Weekly job and internship opportunities are sent to student accounts
  • Browse individual companies (See below: Jobs-Who's Hiring Our CS Students)
  • Attend the CofC Career Fair and other networking events
  • Participate in conferences, meetups, seminar series, etc.
  • Visit Career Center for additional resources

Undergraduate Internships in English

English 495, a sponsored internship course through the Department of English at the College of Charleston provides you with a valuable experience within a working environment while simultaneously granting you course credit. Internships will also increase your chances of future employment and, hopefully, introduce you to a career path you may choose to pursue upon graduation.

During the internship you will be working regularly scheduled hours completing tasks that you, your site supervisor, and your sponsoring professor have pre-determined as part of your Internship Contract. Your internship may involve writing, editing, web design, layout, marketing, interviewing, data entry, assessment, cataloguing, publice relations work, fundraising, advertising, event planning, and a host of other tasks that will call upon the strong verbal, creative, and analytical skills you have developed as an English major or minor. You will also be part of an online class along with other semester interns through OAKS. Check out ENGL 495 Frequently Asked Questions and contact Chris Warnick for further information on getting registered.

Being an intern comes with many responsibilities. You should take the knowledge you gain from the internship experience and use it to improve your academic experience, encourage your classmates, and mold your desired post-graduation path.

We wish you success as you test your academic skills outside of our walls.

Job Opportunites