English Day

English Day celebrates the accomplishments of senior English majors at the College of Charleston. Participants are nominated by a professor for their work in a College of Charleston English course.

The 30th annual English Day celebration was held on April 1, 2022. Students presented their scholarly papers from their Bachelor’s Essays, Independent Studies, and advanced literature courses alongside students who read creative works from their Creative Writing capstones.

 Poster Presentations

Kiara Bohannon “The Criticism Games”


Mollie Bowman “Uncovering the Queerness of Stephen King’s IT”


Meg Carroll “I Accept Chaos: The Perils of Existence According to Bob Dylan and Kurt Vonnegut”


Deeanna Cohen “Unfair Gender Roles Placed on Medieval Women”


Katie Fleischman “She-Devils on Film: Women and Cultural Anxiety in Exploitation Cinema”


Katie Hopewell “Merricat’s Silver Coins: Gendered Economics and the Female Gothic Heroine in We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson”


Sam Lamourie “Storytelling in Video Games: A Literary Analysis of Tropes and Mechanics of the First-Person Shooter Genre”


Gabi Loue “The Comparative Medieval Arthurian Tradition”


Holly Malnati “English Courses that Helped with Women’s Health Writing”


Alice Ohlandt “What is Existence?”—A female gothic short story


Rachel Greene Phillips “The Bent Will: A Distorted Good”


Evan Scheinberg "Satan and Politics in Milton’s Paradise Lost”


Cora Schipa “The Ocean is Far From Here”—A female gothic short story


Dahlia Watson “Wanted: Appreciation and Recognition”


Patrick Wohlscheid “’Day’s Deep Midnight’: John Donne and the Aesthetics of Obscurity”


Humanities and Social Sciences Scholars

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences honors graduating seniors who have distinguished themselves by amassing an impressive body of work during their undergraduate careers. Typically, recipients of HSS Scholar awards are students who, in addition to excelling in regular courses, undertake one or more substantial research projects (such as a Bachelor’s Essay or a project done in an Independent Study course).  The HSS Scholar is the highest award offered by the English Department.

The following two English students are recipients of this award as voted on by the English department:

  • Mollie Bowman
  • Dahlia Watson

English Department Outstanding Students

This award recognizes outstanding English majors. The recipients of this award are voted on by the English department faculty.

  • Corey Chamberlain
  • Katherine Dennis
  • Kathleen Hopewell
  • Gabrielle Loue
  • Jessica Palombo
  • Kelsey Pratt
  • Cora Schipa
  • Patrick Wohlscheid

Anna B. Katona Award in American Literature

This award is named for Dr. Anna B. Katona, a longtime professor of English at the College of Charleston (1975-1999). Dr. Katona provided funds for a grant to the College that annual recognizes the graduating English major with the highest grade point average in American Literature courses.

  • Kelsey Pratt

Sarah Margaret Goad Memorial Prizes in Poetry:

The external judge was Michael Prior

Sarah Margaret Goad Memorial Prizes in Fiction: