Academic Information

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program is designed for students who are enrolled full time so they can complete the degree requirements in two years. The degree requirements include: a minimum 39 credit hours with an average of ”B” or better; 12 hours of coursework in the MFA core workshops in a primary genre emphasis (either fiction or poetry); a thesis (a volume of poems, short stories, or a novel) and an oral defense. Students will select either a Studio or an Arts & Cultural Management curriculum emphasis.

Those choosing to pursue the Studio emphasis will follow the traditional MFA program model of workshops and literature courses, as well as electives in creative writing, to prepare them for a life in letters, for careers in editing and publishing, and for additional advanced degree work in related humanities-based disciplines.

Students in the Arts & Cultural Management emphasis will, along with workshops, a literature course and a creative writing elective, take courses through the Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management in arts advocacy, organization leadership, fundraising and resource management, marketing/audience development, educational programming, and social justice engagement in the arts all as a means to prepare for the fact that jobs for MFAs do not always have to be in the academy, but can oftentimes be found in local communities and the creative economy.