First-Year Writing

The First­-Year Writing Program at the College of Charleston offers undergraduates a variety of courses that satisfy the General Education First-­Year Writing requirement. In English 110 and English 215, students develop the reading, writing, and analytical skills that will help them respond effectively to writing situations they encounter in college and beyond. Our courses emphasize writing as a situated process. Students learn that good writing depends on audience, purpose, and context. Students can expect to receive extensive individual feedback on their writing, from instructors and peers, and use this feedback to revise and reshape their ideas.

Please browse the site to learn more about the program, our courses, and opportunities for students, including the First­-Year Writing Awards. If you have taken placement exams such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or the Cambridge International Exam, or have transferred to the college with writing credits from your previous school, the site provides information about our First-Year Writing portfolio exemption process.