Chris Warnick


Address: 74 George Street, Room 301
Office Hours: MW 10-11:30am
Phone: 843.953.7148

Chris Warnick received his Ph.D. in English, with a concentration in composition, literacy, pedagogy, and rhetoric from the University of Pittsburgh. He researches and teaches courses in first-year writing, literacy, interdisciplinary composition, and the teaching of writing. He currently serves as Associate and Submissions Editor of the journal Literacy in Composition Studies.


Ph.D., English, with a concentration in Composition, Literacy, Pedagogy, and Rhetoric, University of Pittsburgh

M.A., English, University of Pittsburgh

B.A., English, Ohio State University

Research Interests

  • Editing and publishing
  • Writing program administration
  • Composition theory and pedagogy
  • Literacy studies
  • First-year writing
  • Writing across the curriculum / writing in the disciplines
  • Histories of writing instruction

Courses Taught

ENGL 110: Introduction to Academic Writing

ENGL 215: Interdisciplinary Composition

ENGL 225: Introduction to Writing Studies

ENGL 299: Introduction to English Studies

ENGL 310: Theories of Teaching Writing

ENGL 366: Editing and Publishing

ENGL 466: Writing the History of English at C of C



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"There and Back Again, Sort Of: Returning as WPA (and Preparing to Leave)." WPAs in Transition: Navigating Educational Leadership Positions. Utah State UP, 2017.

“Expressive Pedagogies in the University of Pittsburgh’s Alternative Curriculum Program, 1973-1979.” Critical Expressivism: Theory and Practice in the Composition Classroom. Ed. Roseanne Gatto and Tara Roeder. Anderson: Parlor P, 2014. 189-200.

Rev. of From Form to Meaning: Freshman Composition and the Long Sixties, 1957-1974, by David Fleming. Teaching English in the Two-Year College 41.2 (2013): 192-93.

"Proofs and Persuasion: A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of Math Students' Writing."  (Co-written with Patrick Bahls, Amy Mecklenburg-Faenger, and Meg Scott-Copses.) Across the Disciplines 8.1 (2011).

"Beyond the Budget: Sustainability and Writing Studios."  (Co-written with Emily Cooney and Samuel Lackey.)  Journal of Basic Writing 29.2 (2010): 74-96.

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