Marguerite Scott Copses

Senior Instructor and First-Year Writing Coordinator

Address: 22B Glebe Street, Room 203
Office Hours: T/R 10-12 and by appointment

Marguerite (Meg) Scott Copses is a native of Charleston, SC. She has worked as a piano instructor, a language arts teacher living in Italy, and now, a teacher of poetry and composition at The College of Charleston. She received her Ph.D. from The Florida State University and spent much of her graduate career teaching poetry workshops in various community environments, including at-risk youth shelter facilities and women's prisons. She continues to work with both academic and community writers in the Charleston area and privileges a poetry that not only includes all readers, but helps to bridge social, political, and aesthetic gaps through powerful narrative and metaphor.


Ph.D., Creative Writing and Composition, Florida State University

M.A., Creative Writing, Florida State University

B.A., English and Music, Wake Forest University

Research Interests

  • Creative Writing
  • Contemporary Poetry
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • American Studies
  • Cultural Studies

Courses Taught

ENGL 220: Poetry Writing I



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"On Picasso's Girl with..." and "Reversing," The DuPage Valley Review, 2010.

"Belize: iii sea" The San Pedro River Review, 2010.

"No. Final Answer." YB: Journal of New Poetry, 2009

"Personal Effects," The Poetry Society of South Carolina, 2007.

"I'm Too Big," Feminist Studies Press, 2004.


"Proofs and Persuasions: A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of Math Students' Writing." (written with Patrick Bahls, Meg Scott-Copses, and Chris Warnick). Across the Disciplines 8.1 (2011).