Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight - Lu ParkerLu Parker lives a fast-paced life as a reporter for KTLA-TV (Los Angeles).

What do a model, athelete, pageant queen, news reporter, television actor and advocate for the homeless have in common?

The 1990 English Graduate, Frances Louise (Lu) Parker, now lives in a fast-paced life as a reporter for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles.  Her accomplishments as a news reporter are only a few of her many feats.  In 1994 while working as a teacher at North Charleston High School, parker was crowned as Miss South Carolina USA.  This award led her to win the Miss USA contest, and become a finalist in the Miss Universe contest.

This former beauty queen has an impressive resume with many accomplishments, and does it all so effortlessly.  Parker has not only received awards in pageants, but also has received Emmy Awards for her journalism, and awards in celebrity athletic events for charity.  She has stared in TV shows on the USA network, and has also written a book entitled, Catching the Crowd: The Source for Pageant Competition. 

Read more about Parker's life in a recent College of Charleston Magazine article by the now-retired English professor, Paul Allen.

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