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Study Abroad Opportunities

The English Department offers several opportunities for students to study abroad in Summer and Fall 2017.  Do you want to sketch in your Moleskin that train ride from Spoleto to Rome?  Do you want to see where Hemingway cooled his bottles of wine in streams of the Pyrenees mountains?  Do you want to walk the “dear, dirty" streets of Dublin that inspired James Joyce?  See the hills where Game of Thrones is filmed?  Or hunt strawberries with Jane Austen in your picnic basket?  Then check out these fine programs:

Summer 2017 Opportunities

Creative Writing

May 18, 2017 - June 14, 2017

Application Deadline: March 1, 2017

The artistic ties the city of Charleston has with the town of Spoleto are of inestimable value, and the purpose of this program is to bring students to our sister city to write and study literature, and to meet with artists and writers living there, so that they may be inspired to continue their education with an even greater sense of the importance of art and of writing. Students and faculty will be staying at a villa compound just outside Spoleto, where we will share meals, hold readings, and spend quiet time writing and reading. One special group dinner each week will feature intensive and lively discussions of the craft of writing. In addition, we will be going on one three-day excursion to Florence, where students will take guided tours of such important artistic and historical sites such as the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo, and the Galleria dell’Academmia; one evening will be spend in salon with an area painter, writer, and historian.

Irish Film and Dublin Novels

June 3, 2017 - June 30, 2017

Application Deadline: February 15, 2017

This program is an initiative of the Irish and Irish American Studies program at the College of Charleston. Students are able to take courses that will not only count towards a minor in Irish and Irish American Studies, but also take courses counting towards a major/minor in English or History, or a minor in Film Studies. 

The program will be based at Dublin City University (DCU) in Dublin, Ireland. Students will live in DCU dorms and attend classes in a DCU classroom. There will be several day trips in and around Dublin, most using public transportation, as well as a full-day excursion to Glendalough, an early Medieval monastery south of Dublin. The program will also include a 8-day excursion to the west of Ireland and to Northern Ireland. 

Students will have the opportunity to partake in optional urban and rural hiking.

Jane Austen

June 14, 2017 - June 29, 2017

Application Deadline: March 1, 2017

Two courses, ENGL 350 and ENGL 362, will focus on the novels of Jane Austen, and the social and cultural milieu of her lifetime. Although students will read all the novels of Austen (as well as some secondary material) and complete a number of threaded discusssions on OAKS before traveling, we will spend an hour each day discussing the works and their connections to the places we are visiting. We will visit places Austen lived and about which she wrote, as well as visit sites that help to round out our sense of her world--ruins, great houses, churches, theatres, shops, etc., including walks in the city and country. Course requirements include a researched argumentative essay, a travel journal, and online discussion thread.

Students should expect some walking uphill and some pleasant walks in the country.

Fall 2017 Opportunities

Hemingway in Spain & the Irish and Spanish Civil Wars

Fall 2017 Semester

Application Deadline: March 31, 2017

The College of Charleston offers students the opportunity to study with faculty from CofC while abroad in Trujillo, Spain. Students are immersed in the Spanish language and culture through living with experienced host families. The Fall 2016 interdisciplinary semester is designed for any student with an interest in English, Communications and Spanish.

Trujillo is located in the Extremadura region of Spain, southwest of Madrid, about 60 miles from the border of Portugal. A thriving center of tourism with a rich historical past, Trujillo is the place of origin of many conquistadors, including the Pizarros. Caceres, a UN-designated World Heritage City and the site of the Universidad de Extremadura, lies less than an hour to the west of Trujillo. Classes are held in the Coria, a 17th century restored convent, from Monday through Thursday, providing students with long weekends to explore Trujillo, the Extremadura region, and Spain. Typically students have completed SPAN 202 prior to participating in the program.