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2018-2019 Award Winners

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences honors graduating seniors who have distinguished themselves by amassing an impressive body of work during their undergraduate careers. Typically, recipients of HSS Scholar awards are students who, in addition to excelling in regular courses, undertake one or more substantial research projects (such as a Bachelor’s Essay or a project done in an Independent Study course).

The following two English students were recipients of this award as voted on by the English department faculty.

Emily Anderson 

Sydney Moreano

Outstanding Students

This award recognizes outstanding English majors. The recepients of this award are voted on by the English department faculty.

Ashley Collins

Lilly Frederick

Morgan Galvez

Victoria Garon

Morgan Graham

Jules Kaempf

Bridget Snydstrup

Samantha Watson

Anna B. Katona Award in American Literature

This award is named for Dr. Anna B. Katona a longtime professor of English at the College of Charleston (1975-1999). Dr. Katona provided funds for a grant to the College that annual recognizes the graduating English major with the highest average in American Literature courses.

Summer Standiford

Departmental Honors

Emily Anderson

Victoria Garon

Morgan Graham

Sydney Moreano

Transfer Student Award

Terry Beyer

First-Year Writing Awards

In 2008 the department established this annual contest to encourage and recognize excellent writing and critical thinking. All students enrolled in English 110, Honors 110, or English 215 are eligible to submit papers for the contest. The winning papers are chosen by the First-Year Writing Committee in the Department of English based on excellence of writing and the reflection of First-Year Writing curricular goals.

Outstanding Essay
Corley Frierson, "The Church"

Outstanding Multimodal Writing
Catherine Payne, "Go Inclusivity!"

Sarah Margaret Goad Memorial Undergradiate Prizes in Fiction and Poetry


First Place: Kait Leggett, "watch for the sound”  

Second Place: Samantha Jones, " Root Rot"

Honorable Mention: Emma Grabowski, "E-Love"


First Place: Brett Korona, “Devil on the Prairie”

Second Place: Michael Pham, “Hesitation”

Honorable Mention: Marin Grant, “Archetypal”