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English Day

English Day celebrates the accomplishments of senior English majors at the College of Charleston. Participants are nominated by a professor for their work in a College of Charleston English course.

The 24th annual English Day celebration was held on April 19, 2016 with twenty-eight English majors participating. Students presented scholarly papers from their Bachelor’s Essays, Independent Studies, and advanced literature courses alongside students who read creative works from their Creative Writing capstones.

English Day Student Presenters:

Kristen Barbour, "Hair Me Out: Creating a New Community Through Virtual Hair Salons"
Derek Borden, "The Photogenic Life of Adrienne Rich: Seen and Unseen"
Darian Bucher, "Gothic Parenthood in Frankenstein and Kuroshitsuji"
Ellen Butler, "'A Catholic With Modern Sensibilities': Flannery O'Connor, Modernism, and the Aesthetics of Sacrament"
Robert Catalanotto, "Racism in Colonial Discourse: The Language of Imperialism in Gulliver's Travels and Kim"
Shaina Clingempeel, Reading, Poetry
Nicholas Conners, "Whitman Wear Yeezys: The Tale of the American Icon"
Kaleb Eisele, "What's a Frog to a River?"
Taylor Fussell, "Arriving at the Gothic: Frankenstein vs. Northanger Abbey"
Addisen Green, " The Third Female Muse of The Dolphin: Elizabeth Bishop"
Dylan Hopper, Reading, Fiction
Shakarean Hutchinson, Reading, Fiction
Kayana Ladson, "Fantasy, Reality, & Gender Conflicts: The Depiction of Women Warriors in Literature and Film"
Josh Mangle, "A Study in the Contemporary Epic Poem: Ballad of the Wind"
Josh Mangle, Reading, Poetry
Angel Mathis, "Yeats vs. Kavanagh: The Opposing Portrayal of Irish Peasantry"
Aaron Matthews, Reading, Fiction
Kailey Milks, Reading, Fiction
Sam Roscigno, "Saving Holden: How Catcher in the Rye is Still a Valuable Asset to the English Classroom"
Rebecca Saunders, "Madeline's Mimetic Murder: The Pygmalion Myth in Hitchcock's Vertigo"
Jared Shapiro, "The Necessity of Anxiety in Birdman: How Mental Strife Breeds Success"
Tamar Sparrow, "The Clerk's Religious Tale: Griselda's Portrayal as Indicative of True Christian Patience"
Mary Stamato, "The Limitations of Sight: An Anthropological Perspective on The House of Mirth"
Kylie Toscano, "'Look at what they've done to us': Loss of Identity and Coping Mechanisms in Nervous Conditions"
Ryan Tully, "Racial Violence in Welty's 'Where is the Voice Coming From?'"
Joyce Waggoner, Reading, Poetry
Kristen Walczak, "Zoe Wicomb's Playing in the Light with Reference to Frankenstein"
Alex Worthy, "Gender Expectations: Shaping Miss Havisham and Estella through Witch and Fairy Folklore"