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Alison Piepmeier

Associate Professor and Director of Women's and Gender Studies

Address: 7 College Way, Room 100
Phone: 843.953.2280
Personal Website:

Alison Piepmeier came to the College of Charleston in 2005. Alison is associate professor of English and director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program.


1999 - Ph.D., English, Vanderbilt University

1995 - M.A., English, Vanderbilt University

1994 - B.A., English, Tennessee Technological University

Research Interests

  • Third wave feminism
  • grrrl zines
  • Feminist disability studies
  • Prenatal testing



Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism.  New York University Press, 2009.

Out in Public:  Configurations of Women's Bodies in Nineteenth-Century America. University of North Carolina Press, 2004.

Catching a Wave:  Reclaiming Feminism for the 21st Century.  Co-edited with Rory Dicker.  Northeastern University Press, 2003.

Academic Articles (most recent)

“Saints, Sages, and Victims:  Endorsement of and Resistance to Cultural Stereotypes in Memoirs by Parents of Children with Disabilities.”  Disability Studies Quarterly, 32.1 (2012).

“Besiegement.”  Locating Women’s Studies:  Theorizing Critical Concepts for a 21st Century Field, edited by Ann Braithwaite, Diane Lichtenstein, and Catherine Orr (Routledge, 2012).

“ ‘My Hair Stood on End!’  Talking with Joanna Russ about Slash, Community, and Female Sexuality.”  Written with Conseula Francis.  Journal of Popular Romance Studies 1.2 (2011).

“Why Zines Matter:  Materiality and the Creation of Embodied Community.”  American Periodicals 18 (2008), 213-238.